Save $98 on this home backup generator and solar panel kit

The Generark Solar Generator allows you to power essential devices in case your electrical grid shuts off.

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August 3, 2022 10:55 AM
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Two SolarPower ONEs sitting on a lawn absorb sunlight to store energy on a HomePower ONE.

Your home probably has more electronics than you can count off on the top of your head. And while you can certainly read reviews to search for the most reliable, best-rated devices on the market, circumstances outside the manufacturers’ or your control may impede their functionality. Your electricity might shut off if you live in a storm-affected area, for instance. Similarly, blackouts, planned or otherwise, could leave your home powerless.

This may prove inconvenient if you were looking forward to the latest episode of your favorite show, but it can also be life-threatening if you need to support medical equipment at home. Investing in a backup generator can make such emergencies less stressful, especially if it doesn’t rely on your local utility company. Generark thinks it has a solution: a battery power station and solar panel combo that’s on sale for $1,499.

Rated 4.5 out of five on Amazon, the Generark Solar Generator consists of the HomePower ONE and SolarPower ONE, which can absorb and store backup electricity to use at home or on the road. The former is a 1,002Wh emergency power supply that can support appliances, lights and medical devices via three AC outlets when your grid shuts off. The HomePower ONE is rated at 1,000W, but it can deliver 2,000W of surge power at 110V in a pinch. Gadgets such as smartphones and laptops are also supported, thanks to the HomePower ONE’s USB port selection. You can charge the battery station by plugging it into your car, an AC outlet or the SolarPower ONE.

Meanwhile, the SolarPower ONE consists of two solar panels that use monocrystalline cells to absorb sunlight and deliver 100W of power each. Generark claims that they’re easy to set up and offer broad compatibility. The panels have stands that allow you to prop them up on flat surfaces within 30 seconds. They also feature built-in USB-C and USB-A ports, so you can charge mobile devices if your HomePower ONE is already completely occupied with other appliances.

It’s easy to take your utility company’s constant electrical supply for granted, and you may feel helpless during untimely shutdowns. The Generark Solar Generator can prepare your home for blackouts, and it’s on sale now for $1,499, or $98 off.

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