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Introducing Engadget's next giveaway: Five iPhone 5s in five days!

Brad Molen

A lot of you out there have been anxiously awaiting the holidays, and -- more importantly -- an excuse to get your hands on the latest iPhone. In fact, the demand is so high that Apple is still experiencing inventory shortages. We don't want that little niggle getting in your way, of course, so we've teamed up with five different companies to get you set up with an iPhone! So here's the deal: beginning Monday, we will begin one new iPhone 5 contest every day through Friday. Some of the contests will feature the actual phone (carrier branding may vary), while others will offer an Apple Store gift card to cover the cost of buying one without a contract.

You can enter each individual contest once, giving you five separate opportunities to win over the course of the next week. So be on the lookout starting Monday, and make sure you come back every day to increase your chances of winning! Below you'll find the companies involved, so that way you know exactly who to thank for your new toy. This post is not a contest, by the way, so leaving a comment here won't enter you to win. Just make sure you're back here bright and early on Monday -- believe us, there will be plenty of other awesome news to check out that day while you're here.

Note: this next week is going to be a pretty hectic one, so we're going to keep each contest open for five days rather than the usual two.

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