Take control of your Rx routine with this smart device and companion app

No matter how complex your pill routine, Hero helps you stay on track with its end-to-end medication management service.

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September 23rd, 2021
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The Hero Health device.

If you use a health or fitness app, you’re part of a huge portion of the population that relies on innovative tech to keep their wellness in check. In fact, 2020 alone witnessed a massive uptick in downloads and app usage, which has stuck around and is even expected to keep growing. People are looking for convenient and personalized ways to stay on top of their health, and these smart products and services can help facilitate everything, from fitness progress and mental health support to keeping up with your prescription medication regimen.

To that end, there’s Hero, the leading medication management service featuring a smart device and companion app to help you stay on track. This life-changing technology is simple, convenient and can help eliminate any stress that your RX regimen can cause.

Whether your pill regimes is simple or complex, Hero can help. Simply set up your dose schedule in the app (available for iOS and Android), then fill the pill dispenser with your prescription (up to a 90-day supply of 10 medications). Push the button to start your schedule, and that’s it — you’ll be notified when it’s time to take your meds.

Hero also sends you notifications any time you skip, are late for or miss a dose, helping you ensure you don’t fall behind. You can even send these notifications to a friend, family or caregiver for extra accountability and peace of mind. And for those who are really curious to learn about their medication habits, the app also provides personalized adherence reports that tell you how well you're staying on schedule.

Hero's monthly service grants members access to the smart device and mobile app, as well as complementary prescription refill and delivery straight to your door.

With all aspects of medication management taken care of, a Hero membership makes taking your meds a lot easier. Become a Hero member today and take the hassle out of taking meds for good.