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TUAW's 2011 holiday gift guide


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Welcome to the 2011 Holiday Gift Guide at TUAW. This year we're covering a lot of ground to help you make better purchasing decisions before and after the holiday season. Whether you're looking to accessorize someone's Mac or buy a new iPod, or if you receive Apple gear as a gift and wonder "what now?" we've got you covered.

Bookmark this feed for all our holiday shopping tips, or bookmark this page for all of this year's guides.

To kick things off, here are some "buying guides" for Apple's primary product lines.

Holiday Gift Guide: Buying a Mac

Holiday Gift Guide: Buying an iPod

Holiday Gift Guide: Buying an iPad

Holiday Gift Guide: Buying an iPhone

Holiday Gift Guide: Accessories for all

And here are some of our specific gift ideas for the season:

Holiday Gift Guide: Cameras

Holiday Gift Guide: External Drives

Holiday Gift Guide: Portable Cases

Holiday Gift Guide: Printers

Our suggestion for the right all-purpose Mac

The ideal iPod

Get (holiday) cooking with the Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus for iPad

Kindle Fire vs. iPad: How to decide

Choosing your next iPhone

A look at GPS apps

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