'Neon White' is a new game for Switch and PC from the guy behind 'Donut County'

Ben Esposito is back with a brand new look.

Annapurna Interactive

Neon White was a surprise announcement during today's Nintendo Direct livestream -- it's a stylish first-person platformer and action game about exterminating demons in a fantastical version of Heaven, and it's heading to Switch and PC this winter. That's not the most surprising part, though. It's developed by Ben Esposito, the creator of Donut County, an adorable game that serves as a love letter to Los Angeles, and OK KO! writer Ryann Shannon is working on the words.

Neon White feels like a fresh approach to game development for Esposito, featuring rapid-fire mechanics and a mask-based, anime-inspired style. The protagonist is an assassin from Hell named White, who's in Heaven on a mission to eradicate a demon infestation and potentially earn a permanent place beyond the Pearly Gates. Players collect Soul Cards to attack enemies and perform powerful moves, and it all plays out from a lightning-fast first-person perspective.

Publisher Annapurna Interactive says Neon White has "a hellishly clever story that proves it's never too late to ask for forgiveness." In the same press release, Esposito is quoted as saying, “Neon White is a first-person action platformer inspired by Y2K-era anime and cult-classic character action games. Our goal is to make the sickest game on the demo disc. It’s wild and over the top, and it’s 100 percent earnest. It’s a campy anime speedrunning game made for freaks, by freaks.”

Neon White is available to wishlist on Steam now.