Save your favorite internet content for $40 with Offcloud

Offcloud can retrieve media from file hosting and video streaming sites, BitTorrent links and magnets, audio services and more.

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September 20, 2022 10:55 AM
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With streaming services and websites readily accessible, you might think there’s little reason to download media like music, podcasts, movies and short videos to your devices. However, you won’t always have internet access. So if you’re planning a trip or outlasting a network outage but still need your digital content fix, you can prepare in advance with Offcloud.

This cloud-based download manager allows you to back up content from file-hosting and streaming sites to retrieve offline for projects, entertainment and more. Rated 4.5 out of five on Trustpilot, Offcloud is offering lifetime subscriptions for $40 for a limited time.

Offcloud essentially allows you to save a copy of nearly any type of media you find on the web. For example, you can bypass restrictions on premium file hosting sites like Uploaded and Rapidgator. Offcloud also works with video and audio streaming sites like YouTube and Soundcloud, so you can back up entire playlists for future viewing and listening. You can even fetch files from BitTorrent links and magnets.

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You’re not limited to music and videos, either. Offcloud can back up data from Usenet and newsgroups. If you run into articles or websites you’d like to read later, you can save them with Offcloud as well.

Offcloud offers three backup methods. You can store content directly on your devices for immediate viewing or upload up to 50GB of data to your Offcloud cloud storage space. The manager also synchronizes with your external cloud storage accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud and Finally, downloads can be automated by following an RSS feed or with Offcloud’s Zapier and IFTTT integrations.

Backing up media with Offcloud is as simple as pasting a link and choosing how you want your files to be saved. And now, you can purchase a lifetime subscription to Offcloud for $40, down from $700.

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