Opera's paid Android VPN secures your entire device

The VPN Pro beta covers more than just your browser.


Opera has long offered a free VPN to its browser's Android users, but now it's hoping you're willing to pay up. The software maker has launched a beta VPN Pro service for Android that, for a fee, secures connections across the entire device. That sounds much like any other paid VPN service, but Opera is promising a few advantages.

You can subscribe using an existing Opera browser and account, so you won't have to download a separate app if you're already using the free option. Opera also won't maintain data logs that might be used to track your activity. It's too soon to know if the company will live up to promises of "high-speed servers," but you can combine Opera's data-saving mode with VPN Pro to avoid running into any carrier data caps.

The VPN Pro beta is available now if you're using at least Android 6.0 and Opera for Android Beta 68.2. The price may be appealing, too. Early adopters can subscribe for $2 per month if they commit to three months, or $3 for one month. This won't be enough if you want VPN service across every device your own, but it might do the trick if you either value a more secure phone or just want to stream services in other countries.

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