Meet the robotic tech that can double pizzeria profits

These robotic pods can slash production costs and double profits for adventurous pizza brands.

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June 23, 2022 2:55 PM
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A robotic pizza machine using Piestro's technology.

As far back as Metropolis, Forbidden Planet and The Jetsons, we've been fascinated by what automation could one day accomplish. Today, it's a significant part of everyday life. And as it turns out, it might make some of our favorite businesses more profitable as well.

Piestro aims to feed America’s voracious $47 billion pizza appetite using the modern robotics in its pizzeria pods. These vending-machine-sized units can be positioned in high-traffic areas, allowing customers to make touchscreen orders and assemble, cook and serve a pie with premium ingredients and made to their specifications, all within three minutes.

While these machines are convenient, portable and fast, their real value could benefit pizzeria owners. The average new pizza joint can cost about $450 per square foot to open, and that doesn’t account for labor, which could consume over 30 percent of a restaurant’s operating budget. It costs about $3,500 just to hire and train a new employee, and each location typically needs about nine or 10 staffers to stay open. As a result, the average pizzeria might only see five to 10 percent profit margins per sale.

That’s where Piestro comes in. Instead of opening a new location that takes nine to 12 months and $375,000 on average to launch, a Piestro unit can be ready in two weeks for $50,000. Add real estate and payroll savings, and the profits, like their dough, continue to rise. The company claims its customers could see its margins rise as high as 50 percent.

In addition to boosting profits, Piestro helps restaurant owners scale more efficiently. Rather than opening second or third locations, pizzeria owners can white label Piestro’s robot pizza maker to their brand (and recipe) and position them in strategic locations, offering exposure and increased profits.

Backed by these numbers, Piestro is making significant headway by rolling its robotic vendors out in communities everywhere. The company has landed $580 million in preorders with partners like 800° Pizza and Carbone Restaurant Group, proving the machine’s potential on the open market.

Piestro has only begun to introduce their tech-powered pizza pods to the world, and they’ve opened a new funding round to fuel expansion. Invest in Piestro now to get a slice of the $47 billion pizza market.

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