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Acer Aspire Predator AG3620

It has some redeeming qualities, but you could still do better.

It has some redeeming qualities, but you could still do better.

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Acer's Predator desktops may look like hardcore gaming machines, but gamers should look elsewhere for their fix, as the AG3620 is ill-equipped to handle the latest games at their max settings. Slashgear was generally happy with the performance of the AG3620, saying that "while the Predator isn’t the most powerful computer on the block, it still has some solid hardware working under the hood." PC Mag felt the same way, saying the AG3620 had "decent all around performance." Despite these claims, PC World had issues with the performance pointing out it "can deliver Crysis 3 at 60 frames per second, but only if you’re willing to reduce the game’s resolution to 1024 by 768 pixels and clamp its image quality at low." Despite an exterior that allows it to blend in among serious gaming rigs, its average performance means the AG3620 is better suited for casual gamers.



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