October 20th 2009 12:09 pm


by chris13

Apple Magic Mouse - Poor value
What gives with Apple - The Magic mouse clearly is a faulty product. Endless online comments about the sudden loss of tracking function - zero meaningful feedback from apple - except inept comments like "did you change batteries?" etc etc.
My one year & 3 month old MM suddenly does not track....online I find dozens of similar comments from people - the apple response - zero meaningful support except to ask customers to buy another.
Show of hands - how many people with MM problems have received...

by PhilipPalermo

Magic Mouse-like alternatives for the PC?
Hi all,
I reached out to y'all for help looking for a mechanical keyboard a while back (thanks everyone!) and now I'm back with the next question: Who makes the best PC alternative to Apple's Magic Mouse?
A couple caveats:
I've actually come to like the Magic Mouse, mostly for its trackpad-like qualities. Like a lot of folks, I initially disliked the Magic Mouse (actually, I hated it at first), but I've changed my mind after about a year of ignoring it.
  • I'd love a PC mouse that fits my hand better...
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    by dave

    Tools and techniques for battling RSI
    It seems like despite my best efforts, I've often found myself dealing with that dull sensation of pain that crops up in my wrists. That said, I've been fortunate enough to work at companies that provide helpful furniture, equipment, and consultations with ergonomists to help properly setup your work environment.
    Yet I'll still feel some pain every now and then as my body decides to revert back to its old familiar habits. Of course, I've also found that the tools I... Read more →

    by floyduk

    I hated the Mighty Mouse and had high hopes for the Magic Mouse.
    The touch controls on the top are especially exciting and actually they work very well - being very natural to use in every day operation. However, the Magic Mouse still suffers from the same right-click problems as the Mighty Mouse - ie that you have to lift your left finger up in order for it to register as a right click. In addition it's impossible to click both left and right buttons together - a big problem for certain games. The shape of the mouse is pretty horrible - it's... Read more →

    by sarchi

    been using recharge batteries the batteries that came with the mouse just ran out - a month so when I put in a fresh charged set it says the charge is not enough I tryed a powerc+enix kit which gives 1.6 volts per cell and that did not give it the oopfh wish apple would make the curcuit parallel or series cant remember which but you supposed to be able to use only one-cell in the mighty mouse presume it works that way with the magic mouse any ideas guys..

    by TechViJeff

    My 3-day old Magic Mouse has developed a bluish discoloration
    So I got my mouse last Thursday, 17-Dec. It's only Sunday but I noticed that my new Magic Mouse is starting to discolor in the areas where I'd left-click and scroll (where the discoloration is more prominent) and right-click, to a lesser degree. I tried Googling but nothing comes up when I search for "magic mouse discolor OR discoloration", so I'm not sure if I just got a lemon. Anyone else experienced this? Here's an image, I apologize for the quality as I just took...

    by norrishung

    Enable multi-finger clicks, taps, swipes and pinch to zoom!
    I just discovered BetterTouchTool in one of the comments and I think more people should know about it. It enables almost any gesture you could dream of and it's free! It's still in beta stage but already very useful. The developer continues to update the app almost everyday with more neat features. Check it out: http://blog.boastr.net/

    by pika2000

    Any recommendation for an alternative?
    My bluetooth mighty mouse is starting to act up (more frequent random disconnects, etc). Other than having to clean the nipple frequently, I actually like it. Now that I might have to get a new mouse, the Magic Mouse seems to be an obvious next step. However, I'm not too fond of the flat design. Anybody have any recommendation on an alternative? My requirements: -Bluetooth, no dongle. This is the problem with many non-Apple mice. They each have their own dongle, using up a precious USB port.... Read more →

    by anrv

    Middle Button click "hack"
    Here is a program that enables a "middle click" function (it is for the macbook's trackpad but also works on the Magic Mouse): http://clement.beffa.org/labs/projects/middleclick... Open the program and it will enable a 3 finger tap on the shell to work as a middle click [ you don't have to physically click the button ]. It apparently works only for Snow Leopard, but I tried it on an iMac G5 running Leopard and it has worked well so far. Hope this helps.

    by ttl

    Side buttons?
    Didn't see this listed or in the video - it looks like there are no side buttons for the Magic Mouse, or even a way to do a "side click" style gesture. I have a Mighty Mouse right now and I use the side buttons to pop up Expose quite a bit through the day, so that would be pretty critical for me. The touch part seems pretty slick but I'd really hate to lose that feature. Anyone able to confirm my fears?

    by RoguePlanetoid

    Magic Mouse, does it have Pinch-to-Zoom?
    From what I can see the Magic Mouse supports holding Control on the Keyboard, then Swiping on the Mouse Vertically to Zoom in and out, but it does not say if it supports this or other multi-touch gestures like Pinch-to-Zoom etc. Nice idea, will this be supported, the only multi-touch gestures seem to be the two-finger swipes and two fingered click (this is an interesting alternative to double-click on Windows. Wonder if any of the Microsoft Research concepts mice will see the light of day now...