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BlackBerry KEY2 LE

BlackBerry KEY2 LE

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BlackBerry’s KEY2 LE is cheaper, brighter but watered down

It's barely been three months since BlackBerry (rather, TCL Communications) launched the KEY2, and the company is already ready to unveil a new variant here at IFA 2018. "It was always our intention to bring two variants of the KEY2 line," a spokesperson told Engadget. The KEY2 LE is a "more accessible" version of the original, with a thinner, less-boxy design and bolder color options. It's also $200 cheaper than the KEY2, but that obviously comes with some trade-offs.




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Average Critic Score
A 'light' version of the Key2, the Key2 LE offers the classic BlackBerry keyboard in a less pricey package. It's not a mainstream proposition, but its target audience will love it.
Digital Trends
BlackBerry returns to its business roots with the Key2 LE, and in shunning high-tech features, the phone borders on the boring.
Tom's Guide
The Key2 LE makes BlackBerry's physical keyboard phone affordable, though it carries some compromises to hit its lower price.
With today's high end smartphones exceeding $1,000, it's useful to look around to see where you can save money while still having the functionality you need to get work done. BlackBerry continues to release solid performers in the mid-range zone. The KEY2 LE looks great, is lightweight, doesn't have a fragile glass back, and stands out from the sea of glass sandwiches. It was also nice to plug in headphones to the 3.5mm jack when I forgot my Bluetooth ones on the charger at home.
If you're looking for a daily driver with a physical keyboard then the BlackBerry Key2 LE could be the phone for you. The LE's price reflects its mid-range specs, but what you get is still a solid, productivity-boosting device that holds true to the values you'd expect from a BlackBerry. You really don't miss much from the more expensive aluminium Key2, except the superior camera.
PC Mag
The BlackBerry Key2 LE is a productivity powerhouse that offers better value for your money than its pricier sibling.
NDTV Gadgets
By this point in 2018, even hardcore BlackBerry fans and enthusiasts will have at least tried out a touchscreen phone. Unless you're utterly and completely certain by now that you need a physical keyboard, the Key2 LE is not the best use of your money.
The Key2 LE remains a ‘BlackBerry die-hards only’ affair, but it’s far more sensibly priced than its big brother.
Tech Advisor
The Key2 LE is, obviously perhaps, not as good as the regular Key2. It’s noticeably slower and feels less premium thanks to the lightweight polycarbonate used. The loss of the capacitive keyboard is also a big deal. We really like not having to touch the screen on the Key2 and scroll with the keys, and on the Key2 LE you can’t do it. But then again if you never had it, you might not care. This is the most affordable way to get the BlackBerry Android experience but you’ll lose out on performance and get a smaller keyboard.
Know Your Mobile
A good-looking throwback to a simpler age, but the lack of power and that strange screen ratio might put some people off.
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