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The Echo has the makings of the best Windows Media Center extender ever, but first Ceton needs to work out some bugs.

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They were on a sale $80 off, so I grabbed two for my TVs since I just more
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They were on a sale $80 off, so I grabbed two for my TVs since I just moved to a HDHomeRun Prime. They'll get the job done, and with minimal headache since the set up is quite straight forward. The only complaint regarding the actual device is the boot-up time is pretty slow. It takes around 8 seconds to go from cold boot to WMC menu. I could just leave them on, but I only have a 3 tuner device and the lights on the front are pretty bright.The absolutely worst aspect of these are the remotes, which feel as if they're going to break every time I use them. If you have a universal just use that since the IR in the Ceton remote is also horrendously bad.If you just need something cheap without bells and whistles these do more than enough to get TV to your non-HTPC rooms. Just keep an eye on sales as they occasionally drop to $99 from $180.