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Corsair K83 Wireless

Corsair K83 Wireless

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Corsair’s K83 media keyboard is great... when it works

Corsair is in general, a gamer's brand. The company makes PC components like memory and cases, as well as accessories like mice and keyboards for those who want to fully optimize their play experience. But let's be honest, you don't need to be a gamer to appreciate how good these products are. The K70 and K95 RGB are my favorite keyboards to work on, and the HS70 headset is also popular around the Engadget office. So imagine my delight in finding out that Corsair was venturing away from gaming with its latest keyboard. The K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard is aimed at folks who need a good media controller for their smart TV, HTPC or Roku.

By K. Naudus,   03.07.19



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Paired with a streaming box, the Corsair K83 Wireless is a great keyboard with a versatile control scheme and excellent build quality. I enjoyed some light gaming with it too, but you'll want a controller for anything beyond that.
Tom's Guide
If your smart TV is the absolute center of your home entertainment experience, the Corsair K83 Wireless is worth thinking about. But there are better entertainment keyboards out there.
The K83 Wireless is a complete solution with a wonderful keyboard and handy trackpad. Its gaming potential is weak, but for everything else, it’s a strong offering.
Overall, the K83 Wireless makes for a great addition to the peripheral family and gives you access to a whole new level of intuitive R&R time whichever room you are in.
The K83 Wireless ... is most useful when connected to a media-centre PC carrying your movie repository. Navigation is smooth and predictable, the lighting is very useful, and there are enough multimedia functions - the volume roller which presses down to mute, for example - to make it as good as any out there, if not better.
To me the K83 does everything I would want it to and more. The broad compatibility, triple-device connectivity, gesture customisation, and dedicated menu navigation section mean the K83 is a brilliant device for engaging with swathes of entertainment without ever having to get off your a***. What a time to be alive!
Rock Paper Shotgun
As compromises go, the K83 Wireless is a pretty good one for those who want the ease of wire-free gaming with a bit of onboard mouse control, but ultimately it’s a compromise nevertheless.
Tech Power Up
The K83 slots in perfectly here, especially when you consider the various other devices it can work with. PC, Apple (computers or TV), smart TVs, receivers, consoles, and effectively any connected device with a spare USB port and/or Bluetooth 4.0 (or higher) will allow the K83 to be used, albeit not necessarily completely.
Corsair has really gone out of their way to make something unique here. At the core of it, there’s no technology here that I’m not familiar with. For that matter, I’m sure everyone else would feel familiar with it also. It’s a keyboard, it’s a mouse trackpad, and it’s a controller. Albeit, it’s not a full-size keyboard, it’s not a fully featured tracker, and it’s only a half of a controller. Of course, it’s somewhat greater than the sum of its parts.
With a strikingly lightweight design, responsive features and ease of usability, the Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard is a great choice for those who love the sofa.
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