by frankspin

Who will be playing the Steam Machines?
Valve had a special showcase yesterday to finally take the covers off the upcoming Steam Machines. Some of the companies involved will certainly be familiar to those of you intimately involved with PC gaming -- Alienware, iBuyPower, Digital Storm, Zotac, Gigabyte, and CyberPowerPC.
In terms of specs for $500 CyberPowerPC will give you an AMD A6 3.9GHz, Radeon R9 270 2GB video card and a 500GB hard drive -- all packed into a pretty sleek case that should slot in nicely in your home theater... Read more →

by dave

What do you think of Digital Storm's Steam Machine / PC hybrid?

Digital Storm just outed the Bolt 2 -- a hybrid gaming PC and Steam Machine that dual boots both Windows and SteamOS. PC gaming seems to be on the rise and this seems like an interesting product to take advantage of it. Do you think this sort of device makes sense (and can it compete with consoles?)