Fuji FinePix X100s

There's a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws.

There's a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws.

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Fuji's latest high-end compact brings the look of a classic rangefinder to a camera with great image quality and an autofocus system that offers major improvements over its predecessor, the X100. Photography Blog praises its "compelling mix of intuitive handling, impeccable image quality, a truly innovative viewfinder and quick performance," and says it's "a much more well-rounded camera than its predecessor." TechRadar says the camera's combination of "retro design, robust build and excellent image quality" makes it "a very desirable camera." However, the camera's video capabilities are limited, its fixed lens means you have to "zoom with your feet," and low-light focusing can still be a challenge. But if you're a fan of rangefinders and want full manual controls, excellent image quality, and solid performance, the X100s is, as Steve Huff puts it, a "gorgeous little camera that when placed in the right hands can and will produce stunning results."



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