The best in its category. We highly recommend it.

The best in its category. We highly recommend it.

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Despite the X-T1's minor control quirks, Fuji delivers another retro-inspired ILC with great image quality. TrustedReviews calls the retro-styled design "excellent," and Photography Blog says the only real design flaw is "the lack of a true built-in flash." However, though the retro design was loved by critics, a few took issue with the controls, with Gizmodo finding the "layout is a bit of a mess," and CNET says the dials are "flat ... making it hard to feel them and press them." But, once you get past those control issues you will be in for a treat, with image quality that ePHOTOzine calls "excellent." The speed of the X-series hasn't been great, but Fuji's made a few improvements over time, resulting in a camera that Pocket-Lint says is "a lot faster" than previous models. The X-T1 will make any aspiring photographer happy, and anyone needing a solid backup won't be disappointed either.



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