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Microsoft Intellimouse Pro

Microsoft Intellimouse Pro

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Microsoft's latest IntelliMouse revival is a pro model for gamers

If you pine for the nostalgia of Microsoft's revived IntelliMouse but want the performance of a thoroughly modern gaming mouse, you're in luck. After months of availability in China, Microsoft has released the gaming-oriented Pro IntelliMouse in the US. It's mostly similar on the outside (more on that in a bit) but touts a much more powerful 16,000DPI sensor with a 12,000FPS refresh rate. You should have more precise aiming than with its 3,200DPI predecessor, then. You can also customize three of the five buttons, although no one's going to mistake this for an esports-ready mouse with loads of options.

By J. Fingas,   05.28.19



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The Next Web
If you work at a computer for any length of time, I’d really encourage you to check the Microsoft Pro Intellimouse out. It’s just such a pleasant piece of kit, with excellent ergonomics and wonderful day-to-day precision.
Digital Trends
On paper, the Pro IntelliMouse has problems. Its missing features found on gaming mice and professional mice, and though its $60 price tag is fair, Microsoft rarely offers the mouse on sale. On the professional side, Logitech’s MX Master 2 is often discounted to about $70. Gamers, meanwhile, have literally hundreds of potential options with more buttons and more customization. And yet… I like it. A lot.
Windows Central
The Pro IntelliMouse refines and improves upon the first modern IntelliMouse, making it one of the best no-nonsense mice you can buy.
If you find this kind of shape suitable and like the other specifications as well, the Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse might be your best choice for a gaming mouse in 2019.
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