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A good product that falls short of greatness.

A good product that falls short of greatness.

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The Surface Pro 3 is Microsoft's biggest and best tablet yet, but it needs a better keyboard to truly replace your laptop.

  • Remarkably thin and light for a machine with laptop guts
  • Easier to use as a standalone tablet
  • Fast performance
  • Gorgeous, high-res display
  • Keyboard can be propped up at a more comfortable angle
  • Flimsy keyboard is inferior to what you'd get on a proper laptop; worse, it doesn't even come in the box
  • Not that comfortable to use in the lap
  • Middling battery life
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With Microsoft's quest to have a tablet replace a laptop, they've churned more
Bought this on impulse, but I really really love it so far. Can't wait to more
The best in its category. We highly recommend it. - Engadget
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Product Review
Of the many things that are new about the Surface Pro 3, the screen size feels the least remarkable. Yeah, it's bigger, but not in a way that's immediately ... noticeable. That's a good thing; the screen sort of fades away into the background right away without assaulting you with its largeness.
Product Review
The Verge
Unsurprisingly, Windows 8.1 runs quickly and smoothly on the Pro 3, and the touchscreen had no issues tracking our swipes and inputs. The new Type Cover keyboard cover features a new touchpad that's tremendously better than earlier models, as well as backlit keys.
Product Review
In addition to being the biggest, highest-res Surface, it also brings new pen tech, a new kickstand, and a new keyboard, to boot. Also, it's surprisingly thin and light, considering this thing is big and powerful enough to replace a full-fledged Ultrabook.
Product Review
This is very, very thin. It’s a solid machine, to be sure, and I’m excited to try it as a daily carry.
Product Review
With an Intel Core i7 under the hood, the tablet flies through the apps and any quick test we were able to put the device through. We also couldn't feel any air being pushed out through the vents, nor could we hear the fan.
Product Review
It's certainly lighter in the hand than you might first expect when you pick it up, with the 9.1mm-thick metal chassis and 12-inch display turning out to be fairly comfortable to hold, even single-handed. That 800g would probably add up over a few hours of use, however.
Product Review
The Surface Pro 3 certainly takes it up a step in the Surface line and while the storage and RAM options remain the same, a lot has improved with the successor to the Surface Pro 2.
Product Review
Ars Technica
The build quality is as good as we've come to expect from the Surface lineup. The aluminum chassis is nice-looking and solid-feeling, and the hinge was perfectly stable as long as I kept my lap level.
Product Review
Overall, I'm not convinced the Surface Pro 3 is revolutionary enough to completely replace my laptop, but it's a well-designed device that delivers improvements on its predecessors and some new features that might boost your productivity compared to a standard tablet.
Product Review
PC World
By moving from a 10.6-inch form factor with the Surface Pro 2 to a 12-inch screen with the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s tablet feels more like a PC than ever. Really, the only thing differentiating it from a traditional notebook are the strength of the hinge and the weight distribution.