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Neowin Nov 12, 2013

This OS shouldn't exist. I’m a big fan of Mozilla and Firefox but I also have to be realistic and take a look at the bigger picture. Firefox OS is so far behind the competition that there is simply no conceivable way for it to catch up and become relevant.

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Engadget Jul 1, 2013

Unfortunately, there's still a significant amount of lag in the UI, especially when scrolling through web pages and navigating the app tray.

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product preview
CNET Jun 11, 2014

Mozilla ... is aiming for super-cheap phones that customers will compare to feature phones that have only a handful of built-in apps, and the organization is convinced that Firefox OS will still carry the wow factor for that audience even if the hardware isn't as impressive as a $600 iPhone.

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product preview
TrustedReviews Feb 27, 2013

Are we disappointed? A little. We weren’t expecting miracles, but at present the quality deficiency in Firefox OS doesn’t quite seem to be offset enough by the cost of the first Firefox OS handsets.

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AutisticBrony19 AutisticBrony19

FirefoxOS could be the MUST HAVE Operating System of the year. The fact that Mozilla is making it open source is just the icing on the cake. It kinda has the same feel as Apple iOS but it's all web based, taking a page out of ChromeOS. The interface is easy to use, there's full customization...

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Haxon Haxon

Pls tell me what kind of software producton is that who forget to put export contacts from phone to sim card??? XD You dont have any normal suite for connection with pc, you cant find any method to do that... THIS FEATURE IS MUST BE, this is not some games or some other little problem, this is...

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jaideep1992 jaideep1992

Hey friends recently I bought a firefox os smart phone oh hell its not a smart it; a fucking os phone neither you get facebook,whattsapp,hike and many os is not present and thye mother fucker set hangs too much.the brand is Intex cloud Fx . hey guys, Friends , brothers and Sisters This os Is a...

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