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Leaving Google - Eternal annoyance is the price of liberty
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Forgive the adaptation of the popular 19th century quote, but it really is the best summation of the series of articles I am going to put together about my Exodus from the land of Google. Before I dive into how I have managed to replace Google services, though, I want to clear up why I decided to start breaking the chains of convenience.
Given Edward Snowden's recent disclosures of the universal... Read more →

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Mobile Equals Slavery
(thoughts on Android, CyanogenMod, and mobile devices)
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The word "mobile" implies a sense of freedom... to move about and go where you like. I quickly discovered in my efforts to separate from Google that this is the only freedom you actually get with your mobile devices if you intend to use a cellular service provider. Sure, carry... Read more →

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All the news that's fit to print from MWC 2014
CES is the go-to place for all things consumer-related, but for the cellphone fans there is nothing quite like Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This year is no different, with some exciting stuff being shown off by Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Firefox and more.
To no one's surprise, Samsung unveiled the latest Galaxy phone, the S5. Aside from the usual processor and memory upgrades, Samsung added in some new... Read more →

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Your Favorite Mobile OS?
The mobile phone market is huge, with phones varying in size and shape. And each phone has a little something about it that everybody likes. But you wouldn't be able to do anything on that phone without an OS. There are so many mobile OSs out right now. Each OS has something Special, and i want to know what your favorite features on those OSs are. Is there anything thats missing in the OS. Want a new feature?
Post your ideas in the comments!
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Is the world ready for another mobile OS?
According to the latest numbers from ComScore, the smartphone OS market has basically become a two-horse race between Apple and Google. Over the last six months, Android's market share has gone up roughly a point, to 50.9% from 50.1%, while Apple's has gone up nearly two points, from 30.2% to 31.9%. RIM? Down 2 points, from 13.4% to 11.4%. Microsoft? Basically flat, at 4%. Symbian? 1.1%
With the market consolidating around the top two platforms, and with Microsoft about to launch a massive push... Read more →