by frankspin

Have fitness trackers and wearables improved your health?
As wearables start to grow and find their stride, I'm beginning to notice a lot of them are bundling in fitness features such as pedometers and even heart rate monitors. It's not really surprising when you consider how cheap, and basic, fitness trackers are. The thing is though, have fitness trackers improved your health at all?
Sure they can count steps and (estimate) your calories... Read more →

by llkats

Are personal tracking gadgets helpful or ultimately distracting?
I read this thoughtful article from the Morning News: (http://www.themorningnews.org/article/paris-and-t... about the author's experience with a FitBit and the behavior changes that occur when one quantifies an aspect of one's life (like steps taken, calories consumed, etc.) The end of the article mentions disappointment that comes from an experience that, for whatever reason, doesn't end up getting tracked. It reminded me of a very long bike ride that I took that I forgot to track... Read more →

by marc

What do you think of the Nike+ FuelBand?
The Nike+ FuelBand may be harder to get than the third-generation iPad, but some early users are starting to share their thoughts. gdgt user jdelapena got his on March 7th, and according to his review, rather than provide a detailed count of calories burned or steps walked -- something other devices already do well -- the FuelBand is best thought of as something that "measures you as an individual, active or inactive." With its social features, the Fuelband is "a great motivational tool if you... Read more →