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Nikon D850

Nikon D850

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Average Critic Score
Lightweight and compact with everything the family photographer needs, the Nikon D5600 maintains its position as a great general-purpose dSLR for its price class.
It's felt like a long time coming, but the Nikon D850 has definitely been worth the wait. To say the specification is comprehensive is an understatement; the D850 is packed with desirable photographic features, while it backs these up with impressive performance and stunning image quality.
The Nikon D850 offers a staggering blend of resolution, speed, performance and image quality. It’s a truly stunning camera, especially for those who prefer DSLRs (and their battery lives) to mirrorless cameras.
Digital Trends
The Nikon D850 is the first DSLR that truly fits both speed and resolution in the same camera.
Camera Labs
Below-par movie autofocus and average Wifi aside, there's very little the D850 can't do. Indeed it's arguably one of the best DSLRs overall to date and comes Highly Recommended.
Expert Reviews
Having spent a considerable amount of time with the D850, I’m struggling to think of much that’s lacking. In fact, I may be as bold as to proclaim that the D850 is Nikon’s best all-round pro DSLR so far.
Right now, it's hard to think of a better camera than the Nikon D850. It's a photographers' camera. And a clear contender for camera of the year.
If you’re need pro-friendly features and can stomach the price tag, the Nikon D850 is the best DSLR you can buy today. It has a ton of fantastic features that will appeal to anyone who’s looking for a workhorse of a camera that can shoot in pretty much any situation, be it landscapes or fast action. Negatives are few and far between. Using XQD and SD cards may be disappointing to those who already have a stack of CF cards, plus XQD cards are expensive - but they are so fast, it’s worth it if you need ultimate speed.
Good Housekeeping
With its great photos and excellent video recording, the Nikon D850 is a DSLR that delivers quality. But it comes at steep price, and the weight and cumbersome menu might not be to everyone's taste.
Steve's Digicams
Nitpicks aside, the D850 is so extraordinary I can't really see the need for anyone to buy a D5 until that camera is replaced or maybe not even then. The images captured are gorgeous, accurate, and so, so flexible. Especially when it comes to pulling up shadow details. The metering system is spot-on, while the AutoFocus system is excellent. And, while you wouldn't want to shoot overly complicated action, the video 4K recording capabilities are top notch. In other words, if you shoot stills but need a quality camera to capture interviews or B-roll for vlogs or documentaries, the D850 does a better job (with far more manageable file sizes) than the 5D Mark IV.