Nintendo Wii mini

A disappointing product with a lot of problems.

A disappointing product with a lot of problems.

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Even with almost 100 million units sold. Nintendo realized there were still some people out there without a Wii, and who weren't going to pick up the Wii U. So they came up with the Wii mini, a pared-down version of the Wii at an attractive price point of $99. But very little was spared in the effort to build this system as cheaply as possible, with no backwards compatibility, no SD card slot, no component 480p video, and worst of all, no online connectivity at all.

As Eurogamer points out, "aside from killing off access to retro games, downloadable titles and DLC, this also means that online gaming is off the table too, not to mention video streaming." Joystiq finds the Wii menu "strangely empty" and Engadget says "firing up the Wii Mini will be the real shock if you're used to the Wii," though they also point out, "for the target audience mostly just concerned with playing Super Mario Galaxy or the occasional party game like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, that's fine," but "it's hard not to notice the limits." With all these features removed, one would think the product would live up to its name in size and form factor, but sadly, Trusted Reviews says the "Wii Mini isn't actually that much smaller than its predecessor," and Nintendo Life thinks it feels "a little cheaper and less dependable."

You're better off just picking up an original Wii unit for $150 new, or, with 100m units sold, there's bound to be plenty of used Wii consoles out there for sale for much less. The Wii as a system still has a lot to offer, but the Wii mini is incapable of providing it.



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Key Specs

Game format
Optical disc
Backward compatible
Controller type
Motion controls
Video outputs
Component, RCA / composite


Game format
Optical disc (Top loading) (8.5 GB)
Backward compatible

Controllers / accessories

Controller type
Wireless (Bluetooth) (AA)
Controllers (max)
Direction control
D-pad, Thumb stick
Motion controls
yes (Accelerometer, Camera / optical)
Rumble support
Built-in (1 motors)
Other peripherals
Arcade stick, Racing wheel, Instruments, Headset / mic, Keyboard, Other

Audio / video

Video outputs
Component, RCA / composite
Video formats
576i, 480p, 480i
Audio outputs
RCA stereo


Audio playback
yes (AAC)
Photo viewer
yes (JPEG)

Networking / online service

Internet connectivity


System storage
yes (Hard drive, Memory card)


CPU speed
729 MHz
CPU cores
GPU speed
243 MHz
System RAM
88 MB


Power adapter
ear iconeye icontext filevr