April 2nd 2014 1:51 pm


by chrisouth

Nokia Lumia 930 Overheating Issue and atrocious service. Anyone else?
I purchased a brand new Nokia Lumia 930 from Singtel Singapore on a contract. The phone would heat up during normal use (making phone calls, checking email, browsing internet, etc..) after two weeks the screen starting showing signs of heat damage.
I would have expected a nokia phone to have lasted longer than two weeks!?
On the recommendation from the Singtel retail store I handed my phone into Nokia Singapore (Harbourfront) to be repaired under warranty. Although I would have really expected a... Read more →

by PJW1

Why is Microsoft so stupid?
I was seriously considering a Lumia 930 for my next smartphone. AT&T does not offer it in the US. No one seems to offer it in the US except unlocked and without warrantee. (Don't tell me about the Lumia Icon. This is not the 930 and I am not switching to Verizon.) So, I can buy a 930 for $526 (32 GB) and likely pay AT&T a fee for a SIMM card. Alternatively, I can "buy" an iPhone 6 for $340 (64 GB) for extending my AT&T relationship for two years.
Now consider that Microsoft is paying... Read more →