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The best in its category. We highly recommend it.

The best in its category. We highly recommend it.

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Olympus has taken the best of the E-M1 and E-M5 (minus the weather-sealed body), and combined them in the E-M10 to create a top performer in the entry-level ILC market. While it retains the same retro styling as its bigger brothers, the E-M10 is a smaller and more compact version that Gizmodo says "feels comfortable to grasp thanks to its lightness." The downside of the lighter frame is that the body isn't weather sealed (possibly as a way to cut costs), but ePHOTOzine says the metal body feels "extremely well built" so it should stand up to some dents and dings. Given the history of its larger siblings, it's not a surprise that Digital Photography Review says the E-M10 is a "responsive little camera" that is "capable of producing very nice images." Unfortunately, that doesn't extend to the video quality, with noting it's "little more than a token feature" offering "passable" performance. Olympus has built a premium entry-level ILC in the E-M10, capable of standing alongside some of the more advanced shooters in the market.



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