Olympus Stylus Tough TG-2 iHS

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An all-around great product that's among the best in its category. You'll almost certainly be happy.

An all-around great product that's among the best in its category. You'll almost certainly be happy.

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Finding the right balance between good image quality, durability, and ease-of-use can be a real challenge, but fortunately the Stylus Tough TG-2 iHS is up to the task. TechRadar says it "produces images with nice, natural colours that have a bit of punch but not too much contrast," and "images are also well exposed," which Stuff agreed with, saying that the TG-2 "does a great job of exposure, keeping highlights in check whilst still pulling out detail from the shadows." Though it "loses out on fine detail," they say "that's only going to be an issue if you're keen to crop in or blow up your shots." They were also iffy on the video quality, calling it "less impressive, marred by that juddery zoom, not dealing well with panning motions." However, Digital Versus says the video overall is "clean, pleasant and nicely defined." So the TG-2 will take good images, but can it handle taking them in rough-and-tumble outdoor conditions? Well, TechRadar says it feels "nice and solid," though they found the controls "rather fiddly to use when wearing gloves," so cold weather could be a bit of an issue, as could sunlight, since "images must be composed using the 3-inch screen," making "composition almost guesswork in very bright conditions such as a ski slope or on a sunlit beach." One thing you won't have to worry about is water, as DigitalCameraInfo has "a lot of confidence in the waterproof compartments on the bottom and left panels of the TG-2," and Stuff put the waterproofing into practice, discovering "the seals held strong around the battery and connection compartments." So whether your next adventure is in rain, snow, sleet, wave, dive, or anything else wet you can throw at it, the Stylus Tough TG-2 can take a beating -- and great pictures.



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