February 8th 2013 9:24 am

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by frankspin

Have you replaced your remotes with a mobile device?
Ever since I picked up a Harmony One I have been singing its praises. To me it's the perfect device for the living room with its sleek profile and convenient to reach buttons. This is why it pains me every time I go to use it and notice buttons not responding as well as they once did: it's on its last legs. Naturally, these aren't made anymore and the options from Logitech aren't great. The Hub is a... Read more →

by DanCooper

How would you change the Roku 3?
When I'm recommending media streamers, my first thought is always toward the Roku 3. After all, it’s got the best features of the Roku 1 and 2, a motion gaming remote and, slightly belatedly, now even supports YouTube. Our question, if you choose to accept it, is what you’d want Roku to add for a (theoretical) Roku 4? For my part, we’d love to see native live TV support, so I wouldn’t have to switch... Read more →

by frankspin

Does the remote control really need to die?
A recent post[1] on the website Read Write Web discusses the remote control, and how the author feels it needs to "die." Over the course of the article, there are points made with regards to the current implementations of remote controls and their pitfalls, including:
  • Rather than evolve with televisions, remotes just got bulkier
  • Navigating endless amount of channels is cumbersome due excessive button pressing
The author goes on... Read more →

by shrinknurse

Roku vs WDTV
I've seen many discussions about Roku vs Chromecast, but none about WDTV. I had an older version of WDTV & when it came time to update, we did a lot of research & decided on a Roku. Then we researched further & found that the WDTVlive handled more file formats than Roku and bought one. I still have time to return the WDTVlive if anyone knows why a Roku might be better. Just want to get the best & most versatile product for the money I had to spend on this, for my not-smart big...

by frankspin

Sell me on why the Chromecast is worth purchasing
When it first came out about the only thing going for the Chromecast was that it was cheap. Just $35 compared to the $50-$100 prices for a Roku or AppleTV. The downside was limited app support, but that got better recently with HBOGo and Plex. The thing is I still don't see much value in buying a Chromecast over a Roku or even an AppleTV.
For starters it relies on a cellphone, tablet or computer, which I guess is fine considering how often people are around them. The flip side is that it severely... Read more →

by Lsolar

Roku 3 Review
So, what is the best internet speed to have for this to work properly as I have U-Verse 6 mgs now, But can I get away with using a lower speed ? I want to cut off my U-Verse TV , way too expensive !!!