A good product that falls short of greatness.

A good product that falls short of greatness.

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Looking into the future: Samsung Gear VR review

Oculus VR and Samsung's Gear VR virtual reality headset is an enticing first taste of the potential future of a new medium. It's light, comfortable and -- most importantly -- accessible. Gear VR is the most usablevirtual reality headset we've ever tried, and the first to market after several years of hype. At the same time, an extremely limited selection of software and functionality makes Gear VR live up to its "Innovator Edition" alias: It's a device intended for early adopters and virtual reality enthusiasts, not the mainstream. At least for now.

  • Incredibly accessible
  • Light, comfortable, attractive
  • Extremely impressive visuals
  • Limited functionality
  • Extremely limited software library
  • Requires a Note 4, making it very expensive
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