Sony DSC-QX100

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A good product that falls short of greatness.

A good product that falls short of greatness.

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The QX100 is the longer zoom version of the QX10 and, like that model, the QX100 can provide nice photos but at the expense of having to deal with a slow and clunky system. Similar to how its smaller sibling works, the QX100 requires you to power on the lens, make sure it's connected, position your shot, and then finally, shoot. Gizmodo says the entire process can take "about 30 seconds" to go from cold start to shooting photos, and points out there is a "several second" delay in the camera snapping a picture and transferring it to your phone. If you can deal with these speed issues, the pictures it produces are "terrific," according to the New York Times, and AllThingsD says the QX100 "captures rich colors and offers a shallow depth of field." Sony gets some credit for trying something new with the QX100, but the cumbersome setup process makes it a difficult replacement for a smartphone camera. If you're looking for a more portable solution than a standard camera and don't mind waiting to take shots, the QX100 might meet your needs.



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