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Sony brings Bluetooth connectivity, NFC support, and good sound to a sub-$300 speaker that competes with the big boys. The SRS-BTX500 is intended to be a portable speaker, and it is, but CNET says "it's probably not something you want to be carrying around in your luggage" due its weight. The weight leads to some durability, though, with Wired saying it's "ruggedized a bit to handle the beach or park." The issue of weight is offset when you start to listen to music, and T3 says "it manages room-filling hi-fi quality sound with ease." Wired was just as impressed with its sound, saying it "sounded way better than other mid-size speakers." At $269 it's priced competitively with the similarly sized Big Jambox, but the Big Jambox doesn't have NFC for quick pairing. If you're ok with a portable speaker being four pounds, and like the idea of NFC pairing then put the SRS-BTX500 at the top of your list.

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CNET Apr 26, 2013

A worthy peer to speakers by Bose and Jawbone, the Sony SRS-BTX500 is one of the best premium portable Bluetooth speakers you can buy.

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Wired Jun 11, 2013

In the end, I preferred the larger Sony SRS-BTX500 due to the NFC pairing, the speakerphone, the “Clear Phase” sound mode, and all around high-quality playback.

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Pocket-Lint Jul 24, 2013

There can't be much argument that nearly £300 for a portable Bluetooth speaker is a lot of cash. But that said, the sound quality from this Sony is nothing short of amazing. It's also a fantastic speakerphone and we think it looks ace too.

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T3 Jun 17, 2013

It may have arrived fashionably late to the Bluetooth speaker party, but with the SRS-BTX500 Sony has produced a top-notch wireless design that looks and sounds every bit as good as the competition.

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CNET Jan 7, 2013

They feel like well-built products, especially the SRS-BTX500, which offers big sound and bass for its size.

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product preview
Consumer Reports Jul 1, 2013

It was among the better-sounding portable speakers in our tests when Sony's Mega Bass bass-boost feature was activated. And NFC made the Bluetooth pairing a breeze—even when there wasn't one.

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nikonwhore nikonwhore

I bought this after absolutely loving the Soundmatters FoxL speaker which is the prelude and licensed product that the Jawbone Jambox is based off of. I'm definitely an audiophile and techie person, so I researched the crap out of all the BT speakers supporting the APT-X BT codec (I wouldn't...

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boony boony

I'm happy with this purchase overall, but I will talk mainly about NFC feature which makes this speakers stand out from other Bluetooth speakers. Great I unlock my Samsung Galaxy S3, hold it over the speakers, it wakes up from standby, turn on Bluetooth on the phone, start pairing, speakers...

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RoboticMayhem RoboticMayhem

This device (and many like it) are good if you're looking for sound that moves around with you. However, it irks me that the sound quality is worse than a similarly priced pair of bookshelf speakers. It goes plenty loud, but if it irritates my ears in doing so, it's not much of an improvement...

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