Tritton 720+

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There's a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws.

There's a lot to like about this in spite of a few flaws.

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The Tritton 720+ is a big headset offering plenty of sound to go with its size. However, users with smaller heads may find it doesn't quite hit that sweet spot.

The 720+ holds the line in the design category, maintaining the same white glossy finish and boxy ear cup shape seen in its predecessor AX 720 and sibling Pro+. The latter shouldn't be any surprise -- the only major discernible difference between the two headsets is that the Pro+ is a 5.1 headset, while the 720+ ups the ante to 7.1 channels. Surprisingly, Gaming Bolt says that the 720+ "feels lighter than its bigger brother," making it comfortable "for lengthy gaming sessions." However, EGM still found its size cumbersome, with the ear cups sitting "weird on the ears."

Once you get the 720+ on your head it more than shines in the audio department, delivering "phenomenal" sound quality that completely immersed EGM and made Gaming Bolt feel like they were sitting in a movie theater. IGN praised the directional sound, saying that they were "immediately able to tell where sounds were coming from" in games like Battlefield 3 and Black Ops. The sound effects came through "clean and sharp" for Gaming Bolt, with bass that "reverberates through your skull."

The Tritton 720+ might seem a tad pricey next to some similar stereo or 5.1 headsets, but for the extra dollars you're getting a lot more here -- 7.1 channels of absolutely phenomenal surround sound.



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