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Withings' latest fitness watch has a built-in ECG

Smartwatches have long sought a killer app to make them something more than a toy for nerds and fitness fans. It may be that looking after our hearts, and keeping us out of the emergency room, is exactly what the devices were born to do. Withings is getting in on the action with its own timepiece that, like the new Apple Watch, can offer its users an on-the-spot ECG.

By D. Cooper,   01.06.19



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The Withings Move is about as basic as you can get in a hybrid smartwatch. In fact, we'd categorise the Move as more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch. The connected GPS gives it some added clout, but Withings is targeting the Swatches of the worlds here, not the Apple Watches. Wait a little longer (and save a little more) and get the ECG version when it's available.
Android Authority
The Withings Move shouldn't be overlooked for those considering a cheap fitness tracker. I love the way it looks, and since it's so customizable there's a good chance you will too. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing a fitness device when I put on the Move. It feels like I'm putting on a watch — my watch — and only I know it's actually much more than that. With that said, there are more powerful devices out there. If you're in need of a heart rate sensor or built-in GPS, look elsewhere.
Unfortunately, I can only recommend the Move if you don't consider yourself an athlete, or if you lead a very cuddly lifestyle. Otherwise, it's worth ponying up for the Withings Steel. The Steel might not have fancy doodads like connected GPS, but this is one case where the less you add to the watch, the less you screw it up.
Digital Trends
The colorful Withings Move fitness watch shows us affordable doesn't have to be boring or limiting.
Tech Advisor
The Move is a slick fitness tracker from Withings that’s ideal for anyone who wants to keep things simple. 18-month battery life is obviously a major selling point, and the customisable designs are a big appeal too.
The Withings Move is a budget-priced hybrid smartwatch with a classy, personalizable design. It tracks walking, running, swimming and sleep, but that low price means some corners have been cut, especially with the use of plastic and the lack of a heart rate monitor. It still feels like a true Withings product though.
PC Mag
The stylish Withings Move is an affordable, no-frills wearable best suited for those who want to track very basic fitness metrics.
Meanwhile, the Withings Move is an admirable attempt at a $70 smartwatch, but it simply misses the mark.
Android Central
Withings has taken the fundamental features of its higher-end Steel series watches and pared down the quality and features to a sub-$100 price. And it mostly works.
Yes it's made of plastic, but look at all the money you'll save! Besides, the Health Mate app by Withings is among the best companion apps around.

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