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Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

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Xiaomi’s $25 Mi Band 4 packs a color screen and swim tracking

Xiaomi is launching the Mi Band 4, the latest generation of its (almost) world-conquering wearables line. The dirt-cheap tracker comes with a bigger, sharper display, microphone and NFC, as well as a new gyroscope. Improved movement tracking means that, for the first time, the band can be used to automatically record your swim laps.

By D. Cooper,   06.11.19



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Tech Advisor
Coming in at half the price of the cheapest Fitbit, Xiaomi's latest Mi Smart Band 4 offers activity-, health- and sleep-tracking at an incredible £34.99. The enhanced colour AMOLED panel alone makes it worth the upgrade, though it won't entirely replace a smartwatch or smartphone for notifications, and we're pleased to see Xiaomi taking advantage of the device's waterproofing with swim-tracking. We'd love to see Xiaomi come up with a charging solution that doesn't involve removing the tracker from the band, but Mi Band 4 is otherwise difficult to fault.
Android Authority
Each year, Xiaomi adds more features to its Mi Band lineup while keeping the price hikes to a minimum. With an improved display, more exercise profiles, and a rock-bottom price, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 squares itself away as one of the best cheap fitness trackers of 2019. If you were to call it the best cheap fitness tracker, I don't know if I'd argue with you.
Even with a slight price jump, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 still manages to be the best smart fitness band on the market in my opinion. There are competitors from brands such as Honor, Fitbit, and Garmin that offer similar experiences but I feel they don’t quite match the Mi Band 4 because you don’t get any major additions for the sake of around $50. All-day comfort is a big bonus for a fitness band, and this is easily the most comfortable option I have tried. I don’t normally like wearing a watch for long periods but it’s the exact opposite with the Mi Band 4. Not having to worry about charging is also another reason why I prefer a band or ‘tracker’ to an actual watch.
The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 delivers fantastic value and features. Upgrades over its predecessor include a color OLED display with significantly improved outdoor viewability and a higher resolution too. The band's battery life is also exceptional, and it has improved tracking, making it an easy fitness gadget to recommend, covering the basics and delivering some flourishes as well - a marked improvement and a worthwhile upgrade.
The Verge
The Mi Band 4 is a solid device. You really do get a lot for a fraction of the cost of other fitness trackers, and most of my gripes with the device can be solved with a push of a software update. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, basic wearable, you could do much worse than the $40 Mi Band 4. After all, it’s a fitness tracker that does just that: it tracks. Just don’t look to the app for any help on how to improve your actual health habits.
If you don't want to spend big and you can live with some software quirks, the Mi Band 4 is a fitness tracker that does those basics well, but now has those desirable extras, too.
Android Police
The Mi Band 4 is a no-brainer in terms of value for money. For an average price of $35-40 (depending on where in the world you buy it from), you get an all-day activity, sleep, and workout tracker, plus a few bells and whistles, like a nice AMOLED display, notifications, alarms, timers, and a stopwatch.
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