This $60 training package can give you a headstart learning Python

This bundle has nearly 85 hours of content that will help beginners get experience in a versatile coding language.

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June 14th, 2021
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Python is one of the most commonly used coding languages you can learn. It’s implemented in everything from game design to data analysis, so adding it to your skill set will open doors to careers in a variety of industries. The Complete 2021 Python Expert Super Bundle can teach you how to use Python, and it’s currently on sale for $60.

This bundle is designed for all skill levels, so anyone from seasoned professionals to beginner programmers can take part. If you happen to be new to coding, the Python Programming course teaches important lessons that can form the foundation for your career. For instance, you’ll learn how to work with lists and sequence data, use Python to read and write files, and explore the language’s object-oriented features, among other things.

After that, you can work through a series of courses that will give you the chance to apply this language for more specific niches and purposes in courses such as Python for Security, Hands-On Python for Networking Professionals and Python Data Model.

Each course in this bundle was designed and taught by experts from iCollege, a trusted source for eLearning that has offered classes since 2003. iCollege sources these materials from educators and vendors from all over the world, and it has even partnered with Fortune 500 companies and tech organizations in Silicon Valley.

With this bundle, you'll get nearly 85 hours of content spread out over 12 courses, each of which you can access for life on either desktop or mobile. That means you can revisit these materials as often as you need to, whether that’s to refresh your memory or study for your next big programming interview.

With The Complete 2021 Python Expert Super Bundle, you can learn how to code with one of the most versatile and popular programming languages in the world. This 12-course bundle is on sale now for only $60, or $5 per course.

Prices subject to change.

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