Relieve leg pain and stress with this compression massager

Save 23 percent off the Re-Athlete AIR-C + HEAT and give your legs a rest after a long day.

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December 27, 2020 10:55 AM
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Nothing beats laying down after a long day, especially if you had an intense lower body workout or a physically demanding job that requires you to stand for hours on end. However, it’s back to the races the very next day and your legs haven’t received the adequate recovery. That’s where Re-Athlete’s soothing AIR-C + HEAT can help, and you can get 20% off this full leg massager using HOLIDAY20 at checkout.

Muscles fibers break down from heavy use, but they come back stronger than before with sufficient recovery time. The AIR-C + HEAT facilitates your recovery using compression therapy. Basically, you wrap the AIR-C + HEAT around your legs and turn it on to enjoy an air compression massage. It comes with a digital remote that lets you adjust between three pressure levels and three heat levels to reduce inflammation in the area. You’re effectively speeding up the body’s natural healing process so you can get back in the action quicker.

The AIR-C + HEAT’s compression and heating functions also provide natural pain relief. If you’re experiencing aches and muscle tightness, simply strap the AIR-C + HEAT on and turn up the compression to break up knots, loosen your muscles and increase blood flow for accessible, at-home therapy. 

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Finally, you don’t even have to be in pain to enjoy the AIR-C + HEAT. You can use it while reading a book, sitting at the computer or lying down to achieve a soothing, stress-free massage. The AIR-C + HEAT’s comfort and pain relief makes it a hit among users, earning over 4.5 out of 5 from verified buyers.

Whether you lead an active lifestyle, work a demanding job or simply need stress relief, the Re-Athlete AIR-C + HEAT can deliver the therapy you’re looking for. Typically retailing for $189, you can now purchase an AIR-C + HEAT on sale for $116 using HOLIDAY20. That’s an additional 20% off the sale price.

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