Remote opens international hiring to businesses of all sizes

With Remote, companies can onboard global remote talent and never worry about international compliance laws.

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October 21st, 2021
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The "Remote" service in use on a laptop.

Although the COVID pandemic has kept many of us physically apart, it has also brought us together in more ways than one, including the move toward more remote workers and even international workforces. Since an employee doesn’t have to make it into the office every day, the talent pool now allows many companies to consider bringing on workers from other areas and other countries to handle their open jobs.

But with a staff that could include workers in different states and different hemispheres, that’s also introduced new challenges for human resource departments and managers. They have to know how to onboard and manage remote workers while remaining in compliance with a complex web of international tax and labor laws.

Onboarding made easy

Those hurdles were usually enough to keep most companies from experimenting with employees living in far-flung locations. Now, companies like Remote are streamlining that process, making it easier for businesses to take on workers up the street and around the world, all via their platform packed with self-serve onboarding and management tools.

Once you’ve hired a new remote employee or contractor, Remote can handle all the steps in bringing that new hire into the fold.

With a login, new workers are greeted with an easy-to-follow checklist of tasks to complete, including personal information, emergency contacts, banking details and more. The Remote platform gives both employees and managers 24/7/365 access to all-important salary and benefits data whenever they need it.

Meanwhile, Remote makes it easier for managers to do their jobs, with HR, benefits and payroll all running seamlessly in the background, so invoicing, salaries and even steps like promotions can be handled with a few clicks through Remote.

Remote can make your business an international workplace

But where Remote really shines is when a company makes the move to hire international workers. That step used to require clearing arduous hurdles like in-country legal entities and full knowledge of international tax law, labor issues and even something as simple as knowing when holidays are coming in those distant nations.

Remote isn’t only on top of those potential problems; they’re actively smoothing them over. Remote owns their own local legal entities in all their covered countries to offer businesses the best service and protection possible. Essentially, those workers are employed by Remote, who have in-country legal and tax experts to ensure every employee relationship is in full compliance with all relevant international laws. They work for you, while Remote takes care of all the paperwork.

With their unique ultra-secure infrastructure, Remote makes it simple for companies to immediately onboard workers from other countries just as easily as someone in their own city. Plus, Remote’s flexible and transparent pricing eliminates hidden fees, so companies always know exactly how much it’ll cost to bring on a new international employee.

Demo Remote now

While the Remote system is almost completely plug-and-play ready, its platform also offers customization options that can be tailored to virtually any business. And with features contoured to fit companies both large and small, Remote has already become a solid answer for many established and growing companies, including firms like Arduino, GitLab, Loom, Paystack and Lifelink Systems.

Company owners and managers can see exactly how Remote can be shaped to their business needs by heading over to the Remote website and booking a no-obligation demo of their services. Remote is also offering savings of up to 50 percent off the cost of the first three months of onboarding their first international employee.

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