Learn a new language this year with Rosetta Stone and save over 40 percent

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be difficult or even expensive, as demonstrated by this collection of cutting-edge classes.
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February 18th, 2021
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Becoming a polyglot, or someone who speaks multiple languages, used to be one of the toughest barriers to overcome as an adult. Improved communication opens up all kinds of opportunities both personal and professional, but it also takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication. Notice, of course, that we’re using the past-tense here: “used to.”

Nowadays, Rosetta Stone can teach you virtually any language you want (over 24 of them) — on your own terms, on your own schedule and all online. Right now, you can get an entire year for just $100, or 44 percent off the normal price of $179. That’s significantly cheaper than most of your streaming services and infinitely more useful.

Rosetta Stone has been trucking along, teaching people new languages for more than a quarter century. The organization has used that time to hone their technique and improve with new technology that offers an unprecedented amount of customization. 

With a multi-device approach — i.e., you can access Rosetta Stone from your phone, tablet or desktop — you’ll explore phrasebooks with easy-to-understand phrases and expressions, downloadable “Audio Companion” lessons and even the “TruACCENT” speech engine, which will fine-tune your accent and make sure you don’t sound like a total jerk when you’re ordering a drink or asking directions.

The “Dynamic Immersion” method, invented and patented by Rosetta Stone, is widely considered the best way to learn a new language because it imitates the same environment that taught you your mother tongue. And if it doesn’t click, the subscription also includes live tutoring from native speakers of the language you’re trying to learn.

Not sure what language you want to learn? You can swap between languages whenever you want for no additional fee. If you spend a few weeks on Spanish but decide that German is more useful, no worries at all.

So take that next step and add a second (or third, or fourth) language to your repertoire with a Rosetta Stone one-year Subscription for just $100.

Prices are subject to change.

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