Pull text from books to your computer with Scanmarker Air

This digital highlighter can save you time while researching by transferring entire passages from printed material to your computer, phone or tablet.

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March 11, 2022 10:55 AM
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The Scanmarker Air .

Much of our collective knowledge lives on the internet, but if you’re a student or researcher, you can also find useful information in physical resources. Books from your local library, for example, may provide insight as you write a report. Similarly, you might receive notes from a professor or fellow scholar during class.

Unfortunately, copying text from page to digital can be tedious and time-consuming. One solution is photocopying your work, but while that might save you a return trip to the library, you’ll eventually have to migrate that data to your computer. The Scanmarker Air can eliminate that extra step, and it’s currently available for $110.

The Scanmarker Air is a digital pen that uses optical character recognition (OCR) to transfer printed media to your computer, phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Simply drag the device across words, sentences or entire paragraphs — just as you would with a highlighter — and your scanned selection will appear on your word processor nearly instantly. Plus, the Scanmarker Air reads passages back to you using text-to-speech, which may help you comprehend your source material better.

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This device has two more helpful features. For instance, the pen can translate copy from over 50 languages — including Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese and Spanish — providing you a wealth of knowledge to reference beyond English sources. Alternatively, if you want to digitize old medical records or tax returns, the Scanmarker Air can input that data straight into Excel.

With quick transcribing, text-to-speech tools and foreign language support, the Scanmarker Air can be a worthwhile addition to your classroom essentials. Over 3,300 customers agree, rating the device an average of four out of five stars on Amazon. Right now, you can purchase this digital highlighter in black or blue for $110 or 20 percent off.

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