Charge up to five devices at once with the ScoutPro portable battery pack

The ScoutPro is a portable charging station whose 24,000mAh battery can power up to five devices at once using a mix of wireless and wired charging.

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May 8th, 2021
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Press image of the ScoutPro wireless charging station.

Traveling with multiple devices for any length of time once meant you had to carry around charging equipment for each item. It’s troublesome enough to have to include your laptop’s power brick in your essential items, but what about your phone and headphone chargers? The ScoutPro is a high-capacity portable charger that solves all of that, offering five different ways to keep your gadgets up and running for $99.

The ScoutPro is designed specifically for Apple devices and can power up to five devices simultaneously. This portable battery bank has multiple outputs and charging surfaces designed for myriad gadgets. For instance, the iPhone 12 family and your Apple Watch can be powered wirelessly using the ScoutPro’s magnetic charging surface to help keep overall cable clutter to a minimum.

Meanwhile, devices that require cables, such as your laptop, tablet or accessories, can be powered using USB outputs. The single Type-A port is perfect for items such as your AirPods, Bluetooth speakers or other compatible gadgets. The ScoutPro also offers two Type-C ports, one offering 100W and the latter offering 60W, to keep your MacBook or iPad at top capacity. With this all-in-one charging station, you won’t be dependent on wall outlets.

Thanks to a 24,000-mAh capacity battery, the ScoutPro offers more than enough output to charge multiple devices completely and simultaneously wherever you are. At just under five and a half inches long, this battery bank is unobtrusive, and it doesn’t have to sacrifice functionality or power delivery to achieve its small size. Finally, if you own a 100W wall charger, you can recharge the ScoutPro from zero to 70 percent in 30 minutes and hit peak capacity in under an hour.

Consolidate your charging needs while traveling with the ScoutPro: the Ultimate All-in-One Charger. You can purchase one for $99 while it’s on sale for 50 percent off, otherwise it’s $199.

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