Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform unlocks revenue

Spectrm makes it easy to automate one-on-one conversations with customers online and convert them in real-time.

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December 7, 2020 1:55 PM
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What makes a conversation good? It's a question you may or may not spend a lot of time thinking about, but it's something you instantly recognize when it happens. A great exchange cuts through the noise and arrives at the heart of any matter without the trivial small talk. Engaging chats emerge as a natural byproduct of people talking with each other — not at one another — in a genuine dialogue. When a fantastic conversation ends, both parties leave happier and better off for taking the time to chat and learn in the first place.

Although these are just a few of the many qualities that make a conversation good, it's strange to think that this communication method gets underutilized by marketing professionals in 2020. Consumers chat online through apps and websites more than they ever have in the past. Yet, they still receive an endless barrage of one-way communications from marketing experts that leads to advertising fatigue, a decrease in ROI on ad spend and much more. In other words, marketers need a technical way of tapping into the power of conversation online. Well, that's where Spectrm enters the picture.

Spectrm is a conversational marketing platform that helps brands engage with and acquire customers with chatbots designed for your marketing funnel. With Spectrm's chatbot marketing tools, you can connect directly with customers on the apps and websites where they already love to spend their time. Here's how it all works.

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You can design any conversation and experience you have with your customers without knowing a single line of code. Guide shoppers with an interactive product finder or show them why your product is better than the rest. Spectrm makes it easy to launch and optimize your chatbot on the world’s biggest marketing channels. On top of that, you also receive expert support from Spectrm's customer success team, who can help you fine-tune your conversational marketing to optimize your results. Your  custom chatbot takes care of the rest, helping to engage and convert your customers, simplify marketing operations,  and earn your company more revenue.

 Spectrm chatbots use AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) to communicate with and understand your customers across today's most popular apps and websites. That means your business can turn shopping, app discovery and lead-gen experiences on Facebook, Google and the like into fun and engaging conversations that mirror the ways friends talk to one another. Put another way, you personalize every customer's buyer journey as it happens.

This approach unlocks instant insights for your business, allowing customers to provide their preferences by interacting with prompts, or by asking simple and complex questions right off the bat You can then use the customers' declared data to segment, retarget and convert them in real-time. You can actually give your customers a one-on-one, personalized conversation that answers their questions and provides them with relevant recommendations. That means you can easily meet customers' needs at scale. And that's just one of the many reasons why customer-centric brands from Ford Motor Company and eBay to T-Mobile trust Spectrm to continue to grow their business. 

At its core, Spectrm is an all-in-one conversational marketing platform that pulls out insights about user engagement for your brand to help you convert more customers, and make smarter marketing and business decisions. Best of all, busy marketing professionals interested can get a demo of Spectrm and review their use case with an expert for free.  Learn how this platform can become a valuable marketing tool for companies that need to engage customers at scale with personalized marketing automation, all while increasing their revenue.

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