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How tech took sleep to the next level in 2017

    This year sleep was a major focus for the tech world. For the first time, CES had a marketplace dedicated entirely to sleep to show how new devices are revolutionizing the way we hit the hay — from smart beds to meditation assistants. We partnered with Sleep Number to share some of the key devices that took sleep to the next level in 2017.

    Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System
    Whether it's noisy trucks driving outside or late-night conversations in the next room, the Nightingale system will mask common indoor and outdoor noises, so that you can sleep with no interruptions. The nightingale was created by acoustics experts to fill your bedroom with customized ambient noise based on your personal sleep environment. The system can be controlled through your smartphone or PC, so you can manage your sleep environments with ease.

    The popular mind and body practice of meditation just got easier with the release of the Muse headset, a personal meditation assistant. The sensors in the headband will detect whether your mind is calm or active, and translate that data into weather sounds. Peaceful beach or rainforest sounds will play when the mind is calm, but if your thoughts wander the sounds will intensify to help lead you back to a calm state. Through learning to quiet your mind with meditation, you can work towards improving your sleep.

    Under Armour Recovery Sleepwear
    Under Armour worked with quarterback Tom Brady to create recovery sleepwear that helps your body rebuild while you sleep. These comfy pajamas were designed using an advanced sleep system that uses your body's heat to produce Far Infrared waves, which can help reduce fatigue. This process can also speed up recovery to promote a better night's sleep.

    Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed
    The winner of a CES 2017 Innovation Award, the Sleep Number 360 smart bed has some of the best sleep technology all rolled into one. The smart bed tracks sleep through it's SleepIQ technology, to provide sleepers with biometric data to improve the quality of your Zs. It will also adapt to your movements throughout the night for optimal comfort, by raising your head if you're snoring and adjusting the firmness if you need more support.

    Getting the quality sleep you need is easier than ever thanks to Sleep Number® bed technology. Sleep Number beds allow you to adjust each side to your ideal level of firmness, comfort and support to create your perfect Sleep Number® setting. Plus, when you add SleepIQ® technology, you'll always be informed of how to get your best possible sleep.

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