The Spacetop G1 is an AR laptop with no screen

It uses glasses instead.


The Apple Vision Pro is heavy and would most certainly become an annoying anchor on your face if you tried to use it for an entire eight-hour workday. That’s because all of the tech is stuffed into the headset itself. A company called Sightful is addressing this issue with its Spacetop G1 system. It’s a laptop with no screen paired with AR glasses that runs custom OS and not Windows. All of the heavy stuff is inside of the laptop, so the glasses weigh, you know, about as much as a pair of glasses.

The company’s calling it “the laptop for the spatial computing era”, lifting a bit of Apple’s marketing language. It’s basically a pair of customized AR glasses from Xreal connected to something resembling the bottom section of a laptop, complete with a keyboard and trackpad. Sightful says this allows for a 100-inch virtual screen that floats over the real world. The device actually predates the Vision Pro, as it was released one year ago as an early-access product, though now its available for preorder to everyone.

As for the hardware, it’s not going to be breaking any speed records. The Spacetop G1 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon QCS8550 processor, which is typically found in mobile devices, along with 16GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The specs are fine, more or less, especially when considering the product’s focus on work and not play.

The glasses include a pair of 1920x1080 OLED displays with 90Hz refresh rates, a 50 degree field of view and 42 PPD (pixels per degree), with support for custom prescription lenses. They also include Xreal’s 6W open-ear speaker system. I’ve used Xreal glasses before and they are decent, but that promise of a 100-inch virtual screen is severely hampered by the abysmal field of view.

You can skip the virtual screen entirely. The device has two USB-C ports, which connect to peripherals like standalone monitors. This does call up a unique use-case scenario. You can work with a real monitor while at the office and then continue working with a full setup while on a plane or something. That would be kind of neat for the workaholics out there.

A lady using it on a plane.

The wireless connectivity options reinforce this idea, as the G1 supports WiFi 7, Bluetooth 5.3, SIM cards, 5G and 4G. However, the battery will run out after just eight hours, so domestic flights may be the best bet here.

The system also comes with a proprietary OS to take advantage of the AR capabilities. It’s built on top of ChromiumOS and is designed for navigation via a selection of gestures. Testers have dinged the operating system by calling it "Android-like" and, due to being custom software, it doesn't offer support for every app out there. It does, however, work fine with Google's entire suite of productivity software. Finally, the G1 ships with a built-in 5MP camera for video calls.

The Spacetop G1 laptop may lack a physical display, but it’s priced as if it has the best OLED around. It costs $1,900. You can get a fancy new MacBook Air or a Copilot+ PC and a pair of AR glasses for around $1,400. Just something to think about.