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These Sony ANC headphones are even better for $98

That’s 35 percent off.

Photo by Billy Steele/Engadget

The Sony WH-CH720N ANC headphones are on sale for $98 via Amazon. That’s a discount of 35 percent, which is nothing to sneeze at. We loved these headphones at the original price of $150, so we most definitely recommend them now.

In other words, the features here are stellar for the price. This is no surprise, as Sony has a fantastic track record when it comes to budget-friendly cans. The WH-CH720N headphones offer great sound quality, capable ANC, decent battery life and a comfortable fit. What else is there?

Specifically, the battery lasts around 35 hours per charge, which is a decent metric. It’s a pretty huge bummer to be in the middle of a walk, totally lost in a jam, when you hear that annoying “battery low” warning immediately followed by a shutdown. There are some physical controls, including a power/pairing button, volume buttons and a noise canceling button that cycles between ANC and transparency modes. These headphones also work with all of the major voice assistants.

We were especially impressed with the comfort and fit, saying that we could easily wear them for “hours at a time," thanks to ample cushioning in the ear pads. The overall sound quality is, however, the standout feature. The bass is on-point and there’s great clarity in the other frequency ranges. It just sounds good.

On the downside, the plastic exterior isn’t going to be winning any design awards and it’s missing some of the advanced features found with pricier Sony headphones. There’s no automatic pausing when you take them off or when you start talking. Other than that, though, these are some dang good headphones.

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