Practice your putting at home with this on-sale mini golf simulator

Get early access to this Cyber Monday sale on the TruGolf Mini, an interactive swing studio that gives you detailed data and feedback.

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December 3rd, 2021
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Press image of the TruGolf Mini being by a father and daughter in a living room.

Whether you aspire to be a pro golfer or just want to improve your game, practice makes perfect. While getting out on the green is an important component in sharpening your skills, you no longer need to pay for an expensive instructor or even go outside to practice your swing.

Get early access to this Cyber Monday sale on the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator, an interactive studio that not only lets you work on your swing from the comfort of your home, but also provides detailed data and feedback to help you get better. For a limited time, this cool golf gadget is an extra 20 percent off with code CMSAVE20, bringing the price down to $240.

Powered by E6 CONNECT software, the TruGolf Mini is designed for golfers of any level looking to better their game. The innovative sensor technology analyzes each swing and displays that data for you in real time, so you can learn from every shot you take. Speaking of swings, the simulator assesses four characteristics: angle of attack, club face angle, club path and swing tempo. And while you won’t be hitting balls at your TV screen, the weighted trainer does click when you swing, creating a legitimate feeling of impact.

Aside from being an affordable way to keep up with your golf training, the mini golf simulator provides hours of entertainment. Virtually experience almost 100 of the most impressive courses around the world via sharp 3D renderings that will help you get in the zone. Through skill-building challenges and various exercises, you’ll start playing like your favorite pro golfers sooner than you might think.

This simulator is a fun and convenient way to practice your swing whenever you have some spare time, so take advantage of this early Cyber Monday sale and get the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator for $240 by using code CMSAVE20 at checkout.

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