Play at virtual driving ranges and golf courses for $200

TruGolf Mini is like having TopGolf in your house.

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July 6, 2022 10:55 AM
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A father teaches his daughter how to swing a golf club using the TruGolf simulator in a living room.

Many folks turn to golf as a simple escape, but we’d wager that anyone who picks up a club wants to be the best player they can be. You could tee up with your buddies during a weekend full of laughs, but you might have even more fun if you know you can outscore them consistently. That takes practice, and your skills are doomed to plateau unless you invest time and sweat into your game.

You could pour hours into your craft and hire a coach to refine your mechanics, but one of golf’s major downsides is that you can’t train whenever you want. Visiting the driving range takes time, and the weather might not always be on your side. But before resorting to unfulfilling YouTube tutorials, consider an at-home simulator like TruGolf. This platform can help you sharpen your swing without stepping foot on a course, and it’s on sale for $200.

The TruGolf Mini fulfills the roles of coach, driving range and course play all in one, and it may be a great way to introduce new golfers to the sport. This kit includes a weighted trainer that creates a life-like impact sensation when you’re practicing indoors. Simply sync the stick to the E6 CONNECT software to analyze your swing. The virtual studio measures four characteristics: club face angle, attack angle, swing tempo and club path. It then displays your results in real-time, which could help you make slight adjustments for improvement.

E6 CONNECT offers several modes to simulate an authentic golfing experience. For instance, the software features practice ranges for everyday mechanics training. It also has 97 courses and mini-games, so you can frequent virtual renditions of world-famous locations or invite friends over for a Topgolf-like game night.

Whether you’re aiming for your local tournament trophy or simply want a fun game to play with friends over, the TruGolf Mini can deliver a genuine golfing experience at home. You can purchase this golf simulator for $200 or $30 off.

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