Bluespoon's miniscule Bluetooth headset

5G bluespoon

Mini Cooper said it best: small is the new big. Bluespoon, who already make one the smallest, if not the smallest Bluetooth headset you can buy, are about to outdo themselves. Later this year they'll release their new 5G model. That's not 5G as in fifth generation, that's 5g, as in grams, as in 5 grams. When it comes out, this will undoubtedly be the smallest, lightest Bluetooth headset ever. Sure, you sacrifice battery life for the tiny size, but you'll get a headset that's finally comfortable to wear and damn cool to show off to all your friends. (Though, let's face it, the 5G will also be easy lose too.) No price yet, but we hope it's not too expensive — there's no way this won't get lost somewhere in our pockets or in our tiny gadget filled flats or gym bags.