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Assassin's Creed: Unity's infamous face glitch

Ubisoft may not have a way to turn back time and release Assassin's Creed Unity without a slew of glitches, but it's at least trying to make amends to jilted gamers. The studio has announced that it's giving every Unity owner a free copy of the upcoming Dead Kings add-on that they'd have previously had to buy. That's not a radical concept in itself (Driveclub's developer is doing the same), but Ubi is going one step further by giving Season Pass holders their choice of free game, such as Far Cry 4 or Watch Dogs. And for that matter, it's scrapping sales of the Season Pass altogether. Existing subscribers will still get extra content, but latecomers will have to buy extras one at a time. The company is clearly aware that it did something wrong -- let's just hope that it learns its lesson and takes its time polishing future games.

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It's that time of year again! You know, the one when you have to hand over your hard-earned cash or dole out the credit card digits to get the loved ones in your life a little something celebratory. Lucky you, we've got a slew of great recommendations in our easy-on-the-eyes Holiday Gift Guide.

Need something for that all-too-hip member of the fam? Then consider this: Lomography's Diana Deluxe Kit brings back the kitsch of the light leak prone plastic camera to deliver photos with Instagram filter-like results. And it comes with a slew of lenses and viewfinders so you can always capture that magic shot.

And that's just a taste of what our gift guide has to offer. Dive in here for the full monty!



AT&T isn't backing down from its threat to halt its fiber rollout, which was a not-so-subtle jab at President Obama's pro-net neutrality / Title II comments earlier this month. Following an FCC inquiry about that announcement, AT&T said in a letter today that it's still going to move forward with existing fiber commitments -- it's just not going to make any new plans. AT&T's in a bit of a tricky spot: It already agreed to bring fiber to 2 million homes as part of its massive $48.5 billion Direct TV acquisition (which is still under regulatory review). But, well, new regulation bad! "AT&T simply cannot evaluate additional investment beyond its existing commitments until the regulatory treatment of broadband service is clarified," Robert Quinn, the company's senior vice president of federal regulatory, wrote in the letter. Check out AT&T's full response to the FCC below.

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Twitter for Android on a Nexus 5

It's no secret that Twitter has been looking for ways to put more targeted ads in your social feed, but its latest approach may make you uncomfortable if you jealously protect your privacy. The service has revealed that its app will start tracking which apps you have installed on your device in order to improve the relevance of both ads and other content that slips into your tweet stream, such as favorites. Twitter is adamant that it's not collecting data from within apps, and will let you know when the monitoring kicks in. However, those safeguards are offset by the feature's opt-out nature -- the service will automatically scoop up that info unless you explicitly tell it otherwise.

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Thanksgiving is a time to remember things to be grateful for, stuff yourself with turkey and watch MST3k re-runs. But what happens the following day, when you wake up with a meat hangover that could kill a horse? That's the moment you'll stumble online, looking for new ways to lose weight and find OMsignal's biometric smart shirt. The fashionable piece is a sports-style compression garment that monitors your breathing, heart rate and step count, so I know that as I write this, I'm taking 18 breaths a minute and my heart is beating 76 times every 60 seconds. Neat, huh?

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CCC convention goer works on a laptop

Want to see a classic example of irony? Head to the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) website. The government security group has issued a public warning about Regin... you know, the extra-sophisticated malware that many suspect the US wrote to spy on telecom networks. It's more than a little amusing to see one agency warn about a problem the other may have created, although it raises a few questions when there haven't been similarly direct warnings for (allegedly) state-created attacks like Stuxnet and Duqu. Is it evidence that the US wasn't involved, or that Regin is out of control? An attempt to throw people off the scent? Or something else?

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Finally! It's the time of year once more when Americans line up outside of major retail outlets at absurdly early hours in an effort to score the lowest prices on all manner of consumer goods. Looking for a washer/dryer on the cheap? How about a Samsung Galaxy Note 4? Or how about a new TV for Aunt Linda? She could probably use a new TV. Black Friday -- and, increasingly, the days and weeks surrounding it -- may be your best chance at finding a great deal. And you probably don't have to leave the house!

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OnePlus' store in Beijing

Still haven't scored an invitation for a OnePlus One, and missed out on the rare public sales? You may want to book a flight to China. OnePlus has revealed its first-ever retail shop, which will officially open in Beijing on December 20th. As you might imagine, the product selection is fairly limited -- it'll offer the One smartphone, of course, but you'll mostly find accessories like cases and headphones. To make up for this, OnePlus is positioning this as an "experience" with a water bar as well as plans for both customer training and get-togethers. More stores are expected to roll out in China, although you shouldn't expect them abroad. OnePlus only just teamed with Amazon to launch Indian online sales, so the company has a long way to go before it can even consider a worldwide retail empire.


A Galaxy Note chained up in a lock

Federal law enforcement might not be having much success pushing for laws that require a security backdoor on your phone, but that doesn't mean it's out of options. Judges (including one who published an opinion on a New York fraud case) have been leaning on the All Writs Act, a 1789 law granting courts power to carry out their duties, to compel phone makers to provide "reasonable technical assistance" in unlocking devices. Theoretically, this could force vendors to help decrypt phones when they'd otherwise say they couldn't.

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Black Friday shopping in 2013

Yes, it's once more time for Black Friday -- that beloved (and sometimes dreaded) day when you can brave crowded stores in hopes of scoring deals on gadgets that would otherwise be out of your reach. But who's offering the sweetest bargains? Never fear: we've rounded up some of the better sales you'll find on or around November 28th, including some pretty hefty discounts on 4K TVs, game consoles and phones. Check out the gallery bellow to browse by store and see which shops are worth visiting, and let your fellow shoppers know if you've spotted any other great offers in the comments.

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