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Engadget is the most trusted consumer electronics site in the world, reaching over 10M US readers every month---early adopters and general tech consumers alike who are fascinated with how the science and culture of technology impact our every day lives.

Millions consume Engadget's written and video content online (almost half do so using only a mobile device), while thousands more attend Engadget Live, a nationwide interactive event series that lets people experience new technology like they've never seen it before.

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Engadget's Digital Reach

• 20.3M monthly global visitors
• 10.3M monthly US visitors
• 41M monthly US page views
• 55% read Engadget only on a mobile device
• 5M social media fans and followers
• 195K daily newsletter subscribers
• 2.5M monthly Flipboard readers

Engadget's Readers

• 67% are male and 33% are female
• 26% are 25-34 years old
• 35% earn $100K+ HHI
• 5x more likely to spend $2,500-5,000 on personal electronics
• 40% always upgrade to the latest gadget model right away*

comScore, September 2015, US only, desktop and mobile | Flipboard, September 2015 | * = Engadget Audience Research Study, July-August 2015
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