Live from E3: Day three

Our E3 correspondent, Kevin Christley, offers up his latest report live from the floor show at E3, spotting a ton of great stuff:

MoMA Eve

viaWe got a chance to take a look at the VIA MicroATX motherboard (pictured at right), a fullly functioning PC on a board that fits in a 3.5-inch x 3.5-inch form factor. One of the planned hardware applications for this motherboard is the MOMA Eve handheld gaming console that will be capable of playing ordinary PC games such as Half Life, which we saw running on the demo unit that VIA had set up and demonstrated for us.

Game Boy Advance RedSky GPSThe next batch of goodies involved hardware and software applications that run on Nintendo's Gameboy Advance.  RedSky Mobile's Pioneer Personal Navigation System is a $200 fully-featured color GPS/Mapping system for turning your GBA into a high-end color GPS handheld. It features an 8-channel GPS receiver with battery back-up (to re-acquire quickly in case of a power failure), a USB port so you can download maps from your PC, and a 3.3v embedded antenna.  Battery life will be from 4 to 6 hours. You must provide your own GBA though.

Game Boy Advance Majesco ChatGame Boy Advance Majesco Chat
Majesco had an interesting Instant Messenger application for the GBA with a special RF module that plugs into the back of any Gameboy Advance SP or Classic. Unlike other services, there is no registration or monthly charges to chat or send text messages (though only to other similarly outfitted GBAs within a 3 mile radius), and it has an internal battery that allows the unit to receive messages even when the GBA is turned off.  The internal battery can be charged with the standard GBA SP battery charger and it trickle charges when your GBA is turned on. It stores up to 1500 messages and has automatic message retry and delivery confirmation. Suggested retail is $99.00.

Game Boy Advance SP Movie was showing off their GBA SP Movie Player for playing movies and MP3s and reading eBooks on a GBA, using your PC to convert or create content that can be put on a CF memory card and plugged into your GBA for viewing. It works with all GBA systems sold worldwide and is selling now for $34.99. Mayflash also showed off the GBA SP AV Adapter that allows you to connect and display any video source (using RCA video, left and right sound inputs) on the GBA screen. It comes with a headphone-out jack for audio output. You can control the volume, brightness, saturation and hue with the GBA's  L and R buttons and the on-screen display options. It's available now for $19.95.