Sprint's new high-speed wireless network

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Sprint, which originally was supposed to use a standard called EV-DV for their next-generation high-speed wireless network, have made an about face and now say they're going to use EV-DO instead. Since the previous sentence probably only made sense to about four of our readers out there, we'll break it down for you: EV-DO is the same 3G wireless technology being used by Verizon for the next-generation network they're currently building, and has average download speeds of around 500 Kbps.

The big question was whether Sprint would decide to use the same technology as Verizon, or would wait a little longer (thus delaying their rollout) to use EV-DV, which is similar to EV-DO but has better download and upload speeds (thus making it better for video calling). Apparently they were worried about Verizon getting the jump on them, and now Sprint says they'll have their new EV-DO network ready in a few cities by the end of the year (Verizon already has theirs deployed in Washington, D.C. and San Diego) with service available in the majority of top metropolitan markets next year.